Tips On Selling Homes To Investors

Those who are seeking the fast, simple and safe method of selling a home should always turn to real estate investors looking buy. House buying firms or cash buyers will fit the bill, and will likely facilitate quick closing, an absence of costly realtor commissions and a process that is far more straightforward than it might otherwise be.

Lots of folks realize this, but may be unaware of precisely how they can sell their homes to investors who flip or use the properties as rentals. Thus, too many people ultimately sell through a realtor, causing them to leave lots of money on the table and spend needless amounts of time as well.

How is it actually done?

What is the right way to sell to a real estate investor? The following paragraphs will explain the process.

The first thing to do is get in touch with a real estate investor with whom you are comfortable. Many such individuals can be found on signs posted along the roadside or on the Internet. Actually, just pulling up the first online search results page for keywords such as “sell my house quickly” will likely yield some good prospects.

This method can be tested in order to see just where appears in the results page. Furthermore, many investors and real estate investment firms utilize social media platforms, so just about anyone can find the people who can help.

After contact has been made, let the investor know more about the property you wish to sell. Discuss its square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the year it was built, its architectural style, reason for the sale and whether major renovations are needed. Then, you can begin to discuss price.

Following this preliminary discussion, if interest is demonstrated by the investor, the next step is to secure a competitive market analysis for the property in question. This is done in order to learn if the house is likely to generate a profit for the investor. Such a process is particularly important for an as-is sale on a house that will need a fair amount of rehabilitation before it can be sold.

Closing the deal

Once it is clear that the sale makes sense for both parties, the real estate investor will plan to walk the house and verify the seller’s claims about its size, condition and the like. This is a critical time in terms of the transaction, because of it becomes obvious that the seller did not disclose relevant facts, renegotiation may need to occur or the deal may collapse altogether.

This is also a good time for an investor to review the house itself and start estimating how much money will be needed for key repairs. Sellers should be patient and accommodating at this stage of the game, because now is the time the buyer will determine if he or she wants to move forward.

Trust and Reputation are Vital

Finally, there are two critical points that should always be nailed down prior to entering into any written agreement with a real estate investor. You must take the time necessary to fully assess the buyer’s reputation as well as his or her ability to bring the deal to a quick close.

Credibility and business reputation can be researched via the Better Business Bureau and similar entities. If a business is not a BBB member and it is difficult to unearth information about its owners, these facts may represent something of a red flag.

It is also advisable to learn whether the investor plans to purchase the home in his or her right or through an employing company or if they intend to “wholesale” the property someone else. In the lion’s share of sales, the latter is the case. However, at Sell My House Houston Pros, any home we place under contract will be purchased by us. In fact, it is not uncommon for our rivals in the real estate sector to approach us to see if we will purchase the properties they have placed under contracts themselves.

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The Value Behind Selling A Home Fast In Houston

There are a number of homeowners, for a variety of reasons, find that they are faced with a situation that they need to think about selling their properties to a professional and expert home buying company. Here we would like to outline a list of the benefits and drawbacks that offer the value in association to the companies that have the abilities to buy homes fast for cash. One of the primary benefits happen to be convenience and honesty. The homeowners that are in need of a specific timeline and want to know up-front the price that they will receive and the amount of money they will be able to retain, will usually always benefit from selling their home to an expert company that is in the business of buying homes.

Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

Marketing homes on MLS usually translates into more money and higher offers for a home.  But, this exchange for receiving a higher payout, it will still cost holding time, commissions, negotiating times, realtor’s fees, and the lack of knowing when the closing will happen. Most homeowners are happy about the prospects of receiving a higher payout for their property, but at the same time they do not take into consideration that they have to hold their home for longer. This ends up costing more in mortgage payments, utilities, taxes and more.

When the closing date and the timeline are very important for your planning process, then it would benefit you when you choose to sell your home to a corporation. But, if you have the time on your hands and you are not rushed, this wait could lead to a higher payout for you. While the traditional buyers have to obtain a loan approval, and the home has to be in a condition that is good enough to qualify for the conventional lenders, the retail buyers that plan to live in a house are typically not too concerned about having the equity to start off with.

Home Buying Companies

In addition, when your house fails to qualify for the conventional loans, then a home buying company will be your best option. In general, a home-buying business is able to obtain much cheaper construction prices when it comes to repairs that are often necessary. This may mean that while the end users are willing to let go of the opportunities to obtain equity, at the same time they are not always able to pay the needed amount for homes that are attached to deferred maintenance. This is because the costs to fix-up the home could be up to 100 to 150% more than the companies that repair houses as their line of business.

The last consideration, is the time valuation for the homeowner. All of the house buying businesses must be able to offer you an offer on the same day and offer you a date for the closing. These companies also have the abilities to close the home with minimal access and walkthroughs. While the retail buyers will pay more, it is important to remember the time required to conduct house showings and to allow a variety of potential buyers to view the home. Advertising a house on MLS can also become frustrating and lead to daily life interruptions for the sellers, because potential buyers have to make appointments in order to view the home.


Homeowners that are thinking about selling their houses need to consider what they hold most valuable. If they have enough time and they are not too concerned about showing the home to a variety of people and are not concerned about the guarantee of a closing date, then the choice to list their home using a realtor, could achieve a higher payout. However, when the time is very important or having a definite time line is essential, then the home-buying companies are the best option. In conclusion, it is all about what is the most important for each home owner.

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Once You Get An Offer On Your House, What Should You Do?

The day has come that you’ve chosen to make your house available on the property market. You’ve likely created Home For Sale signs with your contact info and put them on the corners of busy intersections, and you’ve likely even gotten a local realtor to arrange for an MLS listing of your home.

Now, you wait.

The First Call

A few days might pass before you get the first phone call. Someone’s calling in response to the signs or MLS listing, and he says he’s thinking about buying your home. What should you do? Regardless of how eager you might be, don’t make the mistake of doing things too fast. You’ll run the risk of creating a disaster instead of enjoying any profits from your sale.

First and foremost, keep your cool and ask some questions. Find out if the caller is an aspiring or current homeowner, a landlord, an investor, a flipper or rehabber, or just a realtor. Also, inquire about how they found out specifically about your ad and where they’re from. Be polite but also thorough, and discover if they intend to pay in cash. If a caller’s serious about buying your property, all your questions will get answered. If not, he might just be kicking the tires and hang up after too many questions. Screening callers to figure out the serious prospects will keep the others from wasting your time, so don’t be an entertainer for anyone window shopping or daydreaming.

Once you vet the caller and establish that he is serious about going through with a deal, ask them if they’d like to see the house. That’s a great chance to measure them up for yourself and figure out if they’re really in the market. When you go to your home with the prospective buyer for an optical inspection, be sure to show off every square inch of your home. You want to do this to preclude the possibility of surprise renegotiations later because they found some undiscussed damage, flaw, or feature they didn’t see during their initial visit. End your inspection with a trial close with a simple question like when are you all doing the deal.


This is the point where the odds are good the possible buyer will attempt getting you in agreement with a lower price. For instance, he might say something like, “What’s the lowest number you’ll take if I can get this closed in five days?” You need to have an answer ready. You might need several answers ready. On the other hand, if you’ve already reached your absolute bottom number, hold firm and make the buyer tap out or concede. If not, just wait for the next possible buyer.

Dealing with potential buyers is a lot like going through a complex courtship dance. You need to be prepared with all your numbers and figures by doing all your due diligence. On the other hand, you must also show some flexibility and adaptability, so that you can be willing to work with reasonable counter-offers that might be given to you.

Competitive Offer

However, if you want to sell your house in a process that is free of hassle, then give us a call. We’re not only willing and able to make fair, equitable offers on homes, but we also do what it takes to make our clients have the simplest and stress-free transactions of their lives. Give us a ring, so we have the chance to tell you even more about all of this.

These are but a few of the many things to think about once you finally get an offer for your home.

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How To Sell Your House When You’re Divorcing

Perhaps you’re in the sad situation of having to go through a divorce yet you own property jointly that you need to sell. If so, you’ll want to read this article and find some ways to strategize in your situation and any real estate that must be sold off.


What Is Community Property?


In Texas and several other states, after two people marry, everything that is acquired during that marriage is community property. They both own it. From houses to cars and everything in between, it’s all co-owned. This also includes 401Ks, stocks, bonds and anything of value.


It’s Fair, Right?


Well, it’s all fair until the couple is on the outs and seeking a divorce, then, it becomes an issue. Now disposing of said property becomes more cumbersome.


Commonly, the courts will determine who is at fault and who gets what when it comes to the various community property items. Who was the primary wage earner, who took care of the children, who ran the household and other factors will all be considered when determining who gets what? This is how the courts will decide who is going to get the property and whether or not the couple has equal claims to the property. Typically, in a divorce, one of the parties is going to walk away with far more property than the other. Typically, this larger portion is property or investments.


Separate Property


There are many property issues that refer to the properties that couples acquired before the marriage. These items may be jewelry, clothing, gifts and such. Also, inherited property is also factored in as separate property. This is all individual property as it was bequeathed to one person alone.


Such technical issues are very challenging in a divorce. If someone wants to sell a home or an investment during a divorce, it must first be determined who owns it to sell it. Further, if both own it, then both have equal rights to said property.


For this reason, Sell My House Houston Pros have a team that is dedicated to helping those undergoing a divorce and trying to sell their properties so that they can both move forward with their lives.


If you, or someone you love, is undergoing a divorce, and there is a home involved, they can help in many ways. They even give you a free consultation with their attorney so that the situation is handled the best possible way. They have experts on hand that will help with the entire process and be able to answer any and all questions that may arise during the sale of a property when a couple is going through a divorce. Give them a call today and let them help you during this difficult time. They’ll make sure that all of the details are covered to sell the property.

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How to Pick the Right Buyer For Your Home

It’s important to work with a Houston house buyer when you’re trying to sell your property. In most cases, homeowners want to move out quickly, so they’d prefer to make the sale as fast as possible. There are plenty of investors in the Houston area, but with so many options available, it might no be that easy for you to decide on the right company to hire to help you.

Choosing the right company

The best thing to do is choose a company that will buy the home without a hassle. There are different companies claiming to purchase properties regardless of the condition they’re in, but most of them don’t mean what they’re saying. In fact, they prefer purchasing homes that are in great condition and ideal locations. You don’t have time for all of that.

Start talking to some of these companies to find out more about what they’re willing to do. The right company would be ready to purchase your home, even if it’s not in fantastic condition. In addition to finding a company that is interested in buying your home despite any problems with it, you should look into companies that are known for providing their clients with the best possible deals.

Most people who are trying to sell a home don’t want to wait around for months or even years to make that sale and receive the money. If they can find a buyer willing to pay a decent amount and complete the transaction at a quick pace, it’s that much more convenient for the seller. Do your research to find out more about the companies or investors that are making the most purchases.

You work with professionals to eliminate the hassle, not to add more.

What makes a good deal?

When you’re trying to make a sale as fast as possible, it’s possible that you won’t get the full amount you were originally anticipated. However, a good buyer will offer a great deal for it. You’ll need to understand that buyers who are willing to purchase a home in its current condition may need to spend money to make repairs before they’re able to sell it to someone else and make a profit from it. Your main goal should be finding a good buyer who wants to offer a great deal.

The company you select should be a company that wants to end up selling the property within a given period. Most of the companies that purchase homes are all about making their money, so they want to buy, fix things up, and then sell as quickly as they can. You don’t want to choose a company that would be willing to hike up the price of the home and then waits for the right buyer to come along because then they may not be willing to give you the best offer possible.

In addition to these things, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing business with an honest, reliable, and trustworthy company. Although it’s business, the people who are buying the homes should have good values. They should be concerned about making sure you’re satisfied with the purchase of your home based on what they’re willing to offer you for it.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Breaking Up A Mortgage After A Divorce

When a married couple decides to call it a day and file for divorce, one of the greatest decisions to be made is the sale of their home.  This can be a complicated procedure, particularly if the couple has a joint mortgage on the property.  If this is the case, the mortgage will need to be sorted out, and this will typically be completed by having one of the spouses’ names removed from the document.


When a spouse has their name removed from a mortgage, he or she will benefit from the chance to apply for a new home loan.  Furthermore, having his or her name removed from the home mortgage will also break any links that connect the married couple’s credit; thereby, removing any joint-debt that might exist.  It is common for the spouse without a job or who earns less to have their name removed from the mortgage.


The spouse whose name is retained on the mortgage has the responsibility to decide what will be done with the property, such as whether he or she will keep or sell the house.  Certain points need to be taken into account in this situation, most importantly the individual’s ability to maintain the property on a single person’s income.  Deciding what to do with the house depends greatly on whether he or she can afford the property alone.


This is a significant factor to examine, particularly if during the marriage both spouses used an income to maintain the house.  The question of whether a single income is sufficient to support the house’s upkeep needs to be answered.  If it is not, then it may be a better option to sell the property.


In the majority of cases, divorcing couples choose to simply sell the property and divide the proceeds from the sale as a means of avoiding any hassle or confusion.  This is often done regardless of whether or not they could afford to maintain the house.  However, if one spouse wishes to own the property but is unsure of the upkeep costs, it is recommended that he or she speak with a mortgage lender.  This is the first step to clarifying the financial issues and matters regarding the mortgage; as well as identifying if the spouse who wants the house can maintain the property.  Alternative options to keep the property may also be discussed here dependent on how willing the mortgage lender is to accommodate the individual.


Rare cases are seen where the divorcing individuals are not able to reach any agreeable terms; thereby, preventing the mortgage from being broken.  This can become a complicated and ugly situation with no mutual grounds being reached.  It is important to continue discussing the issue with professionals to find common ground between separating spouses and reach an acceptable agreement regarding the property.


In our years of working in the real estate industry, we at Sell My House Houston Pros have witnessed numerous separations and divorces in all forms along with the real estate issues that come with them.  Our experience in dealing with these issues makes us confident that we will effectively handle divorce issues that people throw our way.

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