8 Ways to Promote Your Home Sale

Affordable housing has become increasingly hard to find for lower-income Americans who, on the average, are allocating three-fourths of their take-home pay to rent alone. As rents continue to climb across the United States, the squeeze on struggling Americans does not show signs of letting up.

While many look to the government for a solution, the answer to the problem remains elusive. Housing initiatives, tax credits, homebuyer assistance programs, and housing vouchers provide relief for some but are still not a comprehensive fix. Homeownership, the American dream, is simply out of reach for millions of Americans who work long hours at low-paying jobs and are barely able to pay rent, let alone save toward a home purchase.

The impact of the crunch extends beyond financial. People who must allocate most of their paychecks to lodging find their income falling short in other vital areas, leading to feelings of frustration, failure, and hopelessness. Discretionary income for activities that relieve stress is just not available, and life becomes all about work, paying bills, and surviving.

In the middle of this crisis, the government has provided an opportunity for real estate investors to be part of a solution to the affordable housing problem. While it won’t make the problem disappear, it is one provision that can help.

This partial solution is the Opportunity Zones program established in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 by Congress.

Marketing Ideas for Selling Your House


  • Put an announcement in your free local newsletter or in your church or service organization bulletin. Put flyers in neighborhood businesses and local restaurants.
  • Put yard signs around your town. Go to a printer and buy plain white 18”x24” sheets of two-layer plastic with metal stakes. In heavy black marker, in large letters, write, “House for Sale. 3 bd/2 ba. Call <your number>.” Put the signs in the medians of grocery store parking lots or near traffic signals. The signs may get taken, so be prepared with replacements.
  • Use your Facebook page to get the word out. Post pictures and walk-through videos of your home.
  • Build a one-page website (called a landing page) with photos, videos, and information about your home. Include a contact form to collect names and emails of potential buyers. Share the link on your Facebook page.
  • Send a postcard about your home to people in your town who live within five to ten miles of your house. Call the U.S. Postal Service for information on how to use its services to send postcards to a zipcode-targeted audience. Print the postcards at a local printer or order them online.
  • Create paid Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Paid ads appear in the news feeds of people who are not already your Facebook friends. In creating an ad, you can target your audience in different ways. You can also set your budget and pay as little or as much as you wish for the ad.
  • Spread the word through local online forums such as Next Door or Facebook Marketplace groups. Check forum restrictions first in case real estate-related posts are not allowed.

  • When you’re marketing your home, don’t forget to talk about known brands featured in your house—appliances, fixtures, windows, etc. Additionally, if industry experts designed your landscaping, architecture, or interior design, mention their names.

Investors Providing Affordable Housing Solutions


Marketing your house through these and other channels will get your listing in front of many people. As you read through this list, you may realize, however, that marketing successfully can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Some homeowners prefer to sell their property directly to an investor and simply avoid the effort and hassle of marketing.

Investors companies such as Sell My House Houston Pros make home sales easy and fast for homeowners. We buy houses as-is, eliminating the need for homeowners to make repairs, boost curb appeal with landscaping projects, or pay for improvements such as repainting walls or replacing appliances. Every project that a realtor would recommend doing to prepare a house for sale can simply be dismissed. Selling a house to an investor like Sell My House Houston Pros is the easiest and fastest route to depositing that home-sale check in the bank.

Some homeowners wonder if home buying companies are legitimate. While some investors may be suspect, Sell My House Houston Pros has a twelve-year proven track record of legitimate property acquisitions. In purchasing $26 million worth of local real estate, we have contributed to the local economy and made sales effortless and hassle-free for hundreds of property owners.

Interested in a speedy offer on your house? Submit a request through our website and we will return an offer to you within 24 hours. Our rapid answer does not obligate you to a rapid decision, however. Feel free to take as much time as you need to consider our offer and compare it to other offers.

Sell My House Houston Pros purchases properties in Houston as well as in other areas of Texas and even in other states. Want to sell your house quickly? Reach out to us using the Contact form on this website, and we’ll get the process rolling.


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